Save $100 until March 1st on your wedding at one of our favorite restaurant wedding venues Captured by Union Photographers at Brix and Mortar Are you looking for a planner or coordinator to help you execute your 2020 wedding perfectly? Look no further! ThistleBEA is the go to planners for couples planning a DIY wedding; we offer only partial planning and wedding coordination for planning options which means we tackle weddings that couples have invested their time and love into, rather than planning a wedding on their behalf. And until March 1st, 2020, all weddings booked for 2020 in one of our favourite venues can save $100 off our newest package; Penny Lane. All you have to do is mention...
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Working a labour intensive job while pregnant isn't for everyone, but it's where I found the most calm Trigger Warning: I get real in here talking about pregnancy loss and depression. This might be difficult for some people to read, it was certainly difficult to write. But I felt that I needed to write this and share it.   I’m pretty transparent with my personal life because as a business owner I want who I am to reflect my business and my business to reflect who I am. I’ve shared a little on social media about my pregnancy and quite a bit about my awesome supportive husband and adorbs baby, Cecilia. But I haven’t dived too much into how this pregnancy...
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Personalize your wedding by canning your own wedding favours I would say I see mason jars in about 50% of the weddings I’m a part of and it makes me so happy. Sometimes they’re filled with jam, some have candies; they’re used as glassware and decor and I see them so often for a very good reason; they’re nice, practical, affordable, and reusable. Whenever I see a mason jar I kind of get excited because I’ve seen so many beautiful things encased in them.  Image by Paris Lenahan Photography If you know me, you know I am hands on and I spend far too much time in the kitchen. I had my first introduction to canning when I was a...
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Relaxed Elegance in a Persian Wedding Moment captured by Michele Mateus Photography Rita and Amir’s wedding in August 2018 has to be one of my most beautiful weddings that I’ve done to date! The amount of time spent by the couple on making this wedding cohesive, beautiful, and just an all around phenomenon would have had to be extensive.  Rita and Amir chose to host their wedding at the Sage Bistro at UBC (where ThistleBEA is now a preferred vendor!), with the ceremony outside in the stunning rose garden. The families of both the bride and groom are from Iran so having traditional Persian elements, such as a sofre, was very important to them, but also important was the ability...
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From the Archives: When You Specialize in DIY Weddings, You Know Your Wedding is Going to be Heavy on the DIY Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers On April 22nd, 2017, Aberthau Mansion was host to the wedding of ThistleBEA’s own Breanne Dodge, to husband Jim. The touching ceremony, which took place outside on the mansion’s grounds, was only enriched by the falling rain, and the opportunity it presented for guests and bridal party to use the umbrellas which had been monogrammed for the occasion. The ceremony was performed by the bride’s great-uncle, as the couple had completed the legalities elsewhere, and all four parents also participated.  Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers Fun fact: in many cultures, rain on...
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From the Archives: Self-Catering Is No Joke The amount of work that goes into making your wedding perfect is already so much that when you add on ALL the work it takes to self-cater, sometimes it’s just not worth the stress. Pay the caterer to worry about the food so you don’t have to! But for you strong souls who have the wherewithal to withstand all that work, this is for you.Here I will give you a condensed guide on how to make all that work just a little more doable once you’ve decided that self-catering is for you. So throw on your chef's hats and get ready to self-cater! Me and my husband at our wedding eating our DIY...
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ThistleBEA’s planners share their weddings, their tips, and ideas on how to keep your wedding affrodable