Floral Design Trends for 2024 with ThistleBEA

Welcome to the blooming world of 2024, where arrangements are more than just a splash of colour. Let's dive into the exciting Floral Design Trends that are set to captivate hearts and spaces throughout the year. Sustainable Chic Sustainability isn't just a trend; it's a commitment to responsible practices that resonate with both the environment and the consumer. This approach embraces locally sourced blooms, eco-friendly packaging, seasonal sensibility, waste reduction initiatives, and community engagement. ThistleBEA understands the importance of supporting local communities and reducing the carbon footprint associated with flower transportation. This not only promotes biodiversity but also ensures the freshest and most vibrant flowers in every arrangement. In addition to it, seasonal sensibility guarantees that each bouquet tells a...
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How to Include a Tea Ceremony in Your Wedding

A wedding day is a celebration of love, tradition, and the coming together of two families. While modern weddings often embrace unique and personal touches, incorporating cultural ceremonies can add depth and meaning to your special day. One such elegant and symbolic addition is the tea ceremony. Originating in Asian cultures, the tea ceremony is a beautiful ritual that can be seamlessly woven into the fabric of your wedding festivities. In this guide, we'll explore how to include a tea ceremony in your wedding to serve as a bridge between tradition and the modern celebration of love, creating a meaningful and unforgettable aspect for your wedding day. While we do have a lot of experience with tea ceremonies, and made...
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ThistleBEA Your Wedding x Your Wedding Bestie

Wedding Day Content Creation with Becky, Your Wedding Bestie! Hey there, soon-to-be newlyweds and celebration enthusiasts! Hold onto your bouquets because ThistleBEA just kicked it up a notch with a sensational new addition to our wedding coordination services. Drumroll, please! 🥁 Allow us to introduce our dazzling collaboration with none other than Becky from Your Wedding Bestie, bringing you the ultimate extravaganza: Wedding Day Content Creation (WDCC)! Picture this: your special day, radiating with love and laughter, and all the candid moments captured by the fabulous Becky! What’s in store, you ask? Let’s spill the sparkly details! The Marvelous Package 🎥 8 Hours of Enchantment: Becky will be there, cameras at the ready, to immortalize every heartwarming moment of your...
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2024 Wedding Trends

Planning a wedding is an exciting journey, and an extremely personal one, but staying on top of the Wedding Trends for 2024 can make the process a bit easier by serving as inspiration for your special day. As we step into the new season, the wedding industry is buzzing with fresh ideas and concepts that promise to make your wedding unforgettable. Join us as we explore the hottest Wedding Trends for 2024, brought to you by ThistleBEA! Sustainable Elegance In a world increasingly attuned to environmental concerns, the wedding industry is undergoing a green revolution, and ThistleBEA is at the forefront of this eco-conscious movement. "Sustainable Elegance" encapsulates the idea that weddings can be not only visually stunning but also...
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ThistleBEA Florals and Decor Division

It is finally here! After spending months dreaming, planning and working to get things done, we couldn’t be happier to announce that the Florals and Decor division of ThistleBEA is officially up and running. Blossoming Dreams and Elegant Decor Our journey began with our trusted Instax camera, many string lights, and featuring the heartwarming touch of an Audio Guestbook. Over nearly a year, we gradually expanded our decor offerings, curating a collection that reflects our commitment to creating magical wedding experiences. An honorable mention is due to our incredible team member, Sonaiya. Her passion and dedication led her to become our resident floral expert. Through much study and unwavering love for blooms, Sonaiya has transformed into the maestro behind ThistleBEA's...
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Navigating Rainy Day Weddings: Tips and Tricks

Raincouver is back at full force and we’re here to tell you that rain on your wedding day doesn't have to be a cause for stress. In fact, with the right preparation and attitude, a rainy wedding can be a uniquely charming and memorable experience. From elegant drizzles to unexpected downpours, here are some rainy day wedding tips and tricks to help you navigate the challenges and make the most of your nuptials. Select the Right Venue Begin your preparation by choosing a wedding venue that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces. This way, you can seamlessly transition between the two if the weather takes an unexpected turn. Many venues now provide beautiful covered areas, ensuring your celebration can go...
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