Kaylee & Luke’s Stanley Park Destination Wedding

A dreamy day of unforgettable moments Kaylee and Luke, a Midwestern couple with a love for adventure and personal touches, embarked on a remarkable journey to create their dream wedding in the heart of Vancouver's scenic Stanley Park. They exchanged vows in the historic Stanley Park Pavilion. Their love story unfolded against a backdrop of lush greenery and breathtaking natural beauty. This Stanley Park destination wedding was not one to be missed! Every detail of this destination wedding was a testament to Kaylee and Luke's meticulous planning and attention to detail. They took it upon themselves to curate an unforgettable experience for their guests, sourcing everything from decor to vendors. ThistleBEA, their trusted wedding coordination partner, played a crucial role...
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Hot Tips To Beat The Heat

Summer weddings are undoubtedly magical, but they often come with scorching temperatures that can make your guests feel like they're melting under the sun. As the hosts, it's essential to ensure that your loved ones remain cool, comfortable, and happy throughout the event. So, buckle up and get ready for some "hot tips" to beat the heat and create an unforgettable summer wedding experience! Carefully Choose Time and Location Consider adjusting your wedding schedule to take advantage of the cooler parts of the day. Plan your ceremony and reception for the late afternoon or early evening when the temperature tends to be more comfortable. This way, you can avoid the peak heat hours and create a more enjoyable experience for...
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Incorporate Your Flag Colours Into Your Wedding

Love is a universal language, and what better way to celebrate it than by incorporating the colours of your pride flag into your wedding? Pride Month is a time of joy, acceptance, and unity, and your wedding day provides the perfect opportunity to express your pride and honor the LGBTQ+ community. In this blog post, we'll explore fun and creative ways to infuse your wedding with the vibrant colours of your flag, making your special day truly memorable.   Start with the Invitations The first impression sets the tone for your wedding, so why not include your flag colours in your invitations? Incorporate the hues of your pride flag into the design, using colourful accents, borders, or even watercolour effects....
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Wedding Traditions, But Make It Genderless

Wedding traditions can be an important part of any wedding ceremony. However, most traditions are based on gender roles and can be exclusionary to gender non-conforming people or people in a same-sex relationship. If you're looking to plan a wedding that breaks free from traditional gender norms and creates an inclusive and joyful atmosphere for all, you've come to the right place! We wanted to explore how to incorporate genderless wedding traditions and make your special day respectful of everyone. Outfits Let’s start with the couple themselves. Wedding attire is one of the most traditional outfits one will ever wear… Or is it?… Set the tone of your ceremony by choosing what feels the most comfortable for you and the...
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A bride and groom kissing in the forest

Say ‘I Do’ to Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

First, a caveat - sustainability is super important, but all you *need* to do is the wedding you want to do and the wedding you can comfortably afford. To us, incorporating even just one or two eco-friendly aspects into your wedding vision is a win! If everyone did that, it would make a huge difference. So, to make sure you have lots of ideas to pick from, ThistleBEA’s Breanne and Sonaiya have teamed up to give you their best advice on the easiest ways to work some sustainability into your wedding day! Photo credit above - Isle + Oak Photography of Jordan and Dorcas, July 2022 Sonaiya, thank you for joining us! How did you get into this line of...
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DIY spa day: How to reconnect and destress before your big day

Wedding planning can be super stressful! Coordinating vendors, creating the perfect playlist, putting together all the centerpieces and favors - it is A LOT. It can be easy to lose touch with each other, so before that happens, we recommend having an intimate date day to reconnect. A DIY spa experience can be a great way to destress, with lots of opportunities to put your hands on each other and pamper each other! DIY spa style masks and scrubs You can create your own face masks or body scrubs using natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. For example, mix honey and lemon juice for a brightening mask or blend avocado and olive oil for extra hydration....
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