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DIY spa day: How to reconnect and destress before your big day

Wedding planning can be super stressful! Coordinating vendors, creating the perfect playlist, putting together all the centerpieces and favors – it is A LOT. It can be easy to lose touch with each other, so before that happens, we recommend having an intimate date day to reconnect. A DIY spa experience can be a great way to destress, with lots of opportunities to put your hands on each other and pamper each other!

DIY spa style masks and scrubs

You can create your own face masks or body scrubs using natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. For example, mix honey and lemon juice for a brightening mask or blend avocado and olive oil for extra hydration. Sugar, sea salt or coffee are great bases for body scrubs. Mix them with honey, green tea leaves, or oats, depending on your needs. Finish it off with coconut, almond or olive oil, then take turns helping each other spread it all over before showering it off.

Honey, oats and wooden spoons for DIY masks and scrubs
Check out West Coast Bee Supply in Pitt Meadows for some amazing raw honey!

Foot soaks

Soak your feet in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt and essential oils. The magnesium in Epsom salt will soothe your muscles, and the essential oils will provide a calming aroma that will make you feel like you are really at a spa! You can take turns giving each other a foot massage and relax together

Purple epsom salts

Scalp massages

Use your fingers to massage your partner’s scalp while they close their eyes and relax. Apply some coconut oil or a hair mask to nourish their hair and scalp. There are over 60 acupressure points on the scalp as well, so it can be super healing and soothing. Start in the middle of the forehead right at the hairline, and work backwards down their head to their neck. Use the pads of your thumbs to stimulate the base of the skull and up under the ears, before going back to the forehead and starting again, about 1.5″ off from the middle. Repeat on both sides all the way down. Not only will it be relaxing, but it will also promote healthy hair growth!

DIY hair mask with lotion, hairbrush and brown hair

Bath time!

To DIY a relaxing spa soak, all you need is some bath salts, bubbles or essential oils. Light some candles and turn on some relaxing music to set the mood. Soak in the tub together and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Tip: lavender is great for reducing stress, sandalwood helps with focus and nerves, and rose is a mood booster!

DIY spa bath with rose petals and lotions

Hand massage and DIY manicure

Give each other a hand massage with a moisturizing lotion. Apply cuticle oil and give each other a manicure. Take turns buffing, filing and painting each other’s nails.

Stretch and sweat!

Yoga is a great way to unwind and destress. Find a couple’s yoga routine on YouTube and practice together. It’s a great way to connect via mind, body AND soul. Light some aromatherapy candles to up the romance factor, and turn up the heat a bit to get sweating and get more stress and toxins out as you move.


Nourish your body

Once you’re all relaxed, stretched and pampered, nosh together on a homemade charcuterie spread. Start by selecting a board or platter to arrange your charcuterie on. You can use a wooden cutting board, slate board, or any other decorative platter.  Start by placing the larger items like cheeses and meats on the board. Then, fill in the spaces with crackers, bread, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spreads. If meats and cheeses aren’t your jam, throw down a candy platter or sushi spread instead!

DIY charcuterie board

The bottom line

Wedding planning can quickly become less about you and your partner, and more about planning the party. Taking some time to reconnect and just enjoy each other’s company can recharge your batteries and remind yourselves why you’ve chosen each other. After all, it’s not about the wedding, it’s about the marriage. And consider hiring a wedding coordinator to help take the pressure off in the last 6 weeks and help you to overcome some of the last minute hiccups that tend to pop up!

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