About Us

A wedding is about love…

The love of two people who are like “hey, I think I like you so much that I am willing to tie my name to yours legally” and whether that sounds magical or not, it really is. So why not, for your wedding day, think about the love you invest before you think about the money?

Take some extra time and personalize your party to represent who the two of you are instead of covering your reception hall in a bunch of tulle that doesn’t resonate with either of you (and if that tulle does resonate with the two of you, awesome! It makes your decorating decisions all the easier!)

That’s what we at ThistleBEA are all about, the love you invest. We know how much work you put into your DIY wedding day and we want to be there to support you. Just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you should have to on your wedding day. We are there for you, assembling your centerpieces, working alongside your photographer, your caterer, your venue, and acting as your insider to the wedding world.

Chances are, you’ve never planned a wedding before, how can the world expect you to know everything you need to know to throw this awesome party for your closest family and friends? We are also pinterest project pros and we are ready to help you figure out how to make your DIY silk flower arrangement look just right!

Our love story

ThistleBEA came about when lead coordinator, Breanne Dodge, had been trying to get a job as a wedding planner’s assistant for years (literally, resumes out every winter/spring for FOUR years!) and they didn’t receive a single interview. While working for an event rental company, they had the opportunity to coordinate her brother- and sister-in-law’s wedding and there was a magic moment where they realized that they could just do this for themself! In 2016, ThistleBEA was born, and Breanne went full time once their then-fiance convinced them to quit their job and embrace the wildlife of being an entrepreneur. ThistleBEA has been helping couples since then to make weddings as stress-free as possible.

Our values

Our core values are those of honesty, integrity, community, and fun. We believe that weddings are a way for couples to explore and celebrate who they are as a team and that these humans who are embarking on the next stage of their life together deserve to enjoy this celebration with as little stress as possible. We find joy in serving our fellow people and making them feel pampered and taken care of.