Brian & Jenny

"We can't recommend ThistleBEA enough. Winnie and Breanne were easily the best money spent on our wedding. They handled everything so well on our wedding day we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. They took care of the smaller details, like decorating and wrangling people, and turned problems into seamless experiences."

Carrie & Blake

​"It was so wonderful having Breanne as our day-of-coordinator! She took care of everything and we didn't have to worry about a single logistical thing all day. It was such a relief on a special day when we just wanted to have fun! Thank you Breanne for all of your efforts and for making our day perfect! "

David & Heather

"Honestly, the greatest decision we made was hiring Breanne. She was so on top of every detail and always available when I needed advice or suggestions. She kept us on track and organized during the planning and on schedule during the day."

J & J

​"Breanne was amazing! She was punctual, efficient and took control. It felt like there were 15 of her running around. Couldn’t ask for a better coordinator! Thanks Thistlebea."

Chelsea and Ryan

"Choosing ThistleBEA for Day Of Coordinator services was one of the best choices we made for our wedding. I honestly can't imagine how the day would have gone without them there."

Shahroo & Farnham

"Breanne was great! She is positive and always had ways to make problems disappear. She was great with all the vendors and organized the day without any major hick-ups."

Taucha and Daniel

"Having a day-of coordinator was recommended to us, but we weren't sure it was something we needed. After meeting with Winnie (our soon-to-be-coordinator) and Breanne, though, we realized we could really use one."

Stephanie & Edwin

"Winnie's professionalism is top notch. You are in such good hands with this planner. I have never met anyone who could push through an itinerary so well."

Samantha & Steve

​“Breanne, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me on my wedding day. You were a life-saver! You knew exactly what to do and just made my day run that much smoother! Thank you for coming all the way down, and for taking all those pictures, calling Chris, - this card isn’t big enough! I really appreciate it all Breanne.”

Heather & Lee

​"Lee and I planned to do most of the wedding DIY style so we had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted at our wedding and were happy to arrange the vendors, and do most of the planning ourselves. When it came to thinking about how to actually make it all work on the day of the wedding day things started to seem a bit overwhelming and we decided we could use some extra help."

S & K

"I had my dream wedding at Roedde House Museum(West End, Vancouver) in June 2017. Around September last year, I found a perfect vintage wedding dress and my fiance and I decided to go for a Victorian themed wedding."

Melody & Jordan

​"Everytime I met with Breanne (initial meeting, details meeting, rehearsal and wedding day), I breathed a sigh of relief and my stress levels instantly decreased. We had the 'Day in the Life' package with ThistleBEA and it was honestly a wedding-saver."

Leah & Elliot

​"I was apprehensive about hiring a day of coordinator because I felt I had done so much work planning that they would have nothing to do. But boy was I wrong!"

Ben & Pamela

​"From the initial meeting with Breanne to the final Wedding Day chaos, Breanne, Winnie & Deborah all had my back!"

Laura & Trevor

​"Breanne, Winnie, and Deborah did a great job helping to make our wedding as perfect and stress-free we can be!"

T & W

"We hired ThistleBEA for the Day in The Life package and wow was that ever a great decision! From the initial consultation meeting with Breanne I knew it was the right choice, I am a super organized and methodical person and wasn’t certain about handing my wedding over to someone else but within the first few minutes of sitting down with her I was confident I could put my wedding in her hands."

T & A

"Winnie was the easiest decision we made about the wedding. We knew we couldn't manage the wedding we wanted on our own and she was easily the first person we thought of."

Aaron & Melissa

​"We were so happy to have Winnie help us plan and coordinate our local wedding reception. Her professionalism, organization skills, creative ideas and constant communication allowed us to feel relaxed and confident during the whole process. She understood our vision for our reception and made it happen under our budget. We would highly recommend her services!"

Ren & Ivan

"When we started planning our wedding, we had no clue what was involved! We hired Breanne to help guide us in the months leading up to the wedding, and to take over on the day."

J & C

​"Breanne and her team was absolutely amazing. As iterated many times before by others below but she always remained calm and literally at your side any moment you needed her."