Our team

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Meet the ThistleBEA team

Breanne has been assembling this team since the very beginning! We bring on new talent every year as assistants and help them to grow into coordinators (if that’s what they want to be doing) to ensure that our team has all the skills and know-how to create beautiful celebrations of love. In 2022, ThistleBEA saw major expansion following the pandemic and added on admin team members to help care for our clients. Every wedding we work on is touched by each team member in a different way, and you can count on Breanne to be constantly involved!

A head shot of Breanne Dodge, Founder of ThistleBEA

Breanne Dodge

ThistleBEA Founder & Principal Coordinator

Winnie Chick's Headshot

Winnie Chick

Lead Coordinator

headshot of Sonaiya Wilson

Sonaiya Wilson

Lead Coordinator & Planner

Jane Liu

Lead Coordinator

Ashley MacDonald

Administrative Coordinator