Wedding Day Content Creation

Get ready to capture the giggles, the happy tears, and the crazy dance moves with our Wedding Day Content Creation (WDCC) service – the ultimate backstage pass to your big day, brought to you in partnership with the awesome Your Wedding Bestie!

Photo credit: Lena Shebanits

A backstage pass to capturing unforgettable moments

Wedding Day Content Creation is your backstage pass to capturing the heartfelt, silly, and utterly unforgettable moments of your big day. In partnership with Your Wedding Bestie, our team is there for eight hours, snapping candid behind-the-scenes scenes, delivering instant memories to your phone via a memory card, and crafting two beautifully edited videos. It’s more than just photos – it’s a personalized, fun-filled documentation of your love story.

Your personal paparazzi with instant downloads

Our crew becomes your personal paparazzi, hanging out for a solid eight hours, sneaking around to grab those priceless behind-the-scenes moments. From the ‘OMG, I’m getting married!’ excitement to the ‘Can you believe we pulled this off?’ high-fives, we’re there, cameras blazing, to catch every bit of the magic. We’ll even film the Tik Tok trends you’re dying to include on your wedding day.

Photo credit: Lena Shebanits
Photo credit: Lena Shebanits

Your memories, straight to your phone

Here’s the kicker: we don’t mess with old-school hassle. Your memories? Delivered straight to your phone via a nifty memory card and reader – so fast, it’ll make your head spin. Instant downloads mean instant sharing with your crew, letting everyone in on the #WeddingDayBliss.

But hey, we’re not just about photos. Nope, we’re throwing in not one, but two killer edited videos. We’re talking highlights that’ll make you laugh, cry, and go ‘aww’ all at the same time – a mini movie showcasing the best day of your lives!

What's included?

  • 8 hours of coverage
  • 2 edited reel-type videos, delivered within 24 hours
  • All the unedited, HD quality footage shot on iphone delivered to you via memory card and reader on the wedding night
  • Polaroid Keepsake album with 26 photos curated by our WDCC
  • A video guestbook; our team will do their best to speak with each one of your guests and compile it for you as a terrific memento

Cost: $900

With WDCC, your wedding day becomes a blockbuster production, starring you, your love, and all the heart-fluttering, tear-jerking, and hilarious moments in between. Let’s make some memories that’ll make even Hollywood jealous!

Get started now

Before the big day, let’s get together and chat about your dream moments. We’ll make sure we’ve got our ninja skills focused on capturing exactly what you want, ensuring your memories are as epic as the day itself.