Brian & Jenny

“We can’t recommend ThistleBEA enough. Winnie and Breanne were easily the best money spent on our wedding. They handled everything so well on our wedding day we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. They took care of the smaller details, like decorating and wrangling people, and turned problems into seamless experiences.

For example, during dinner, we realized we would run out of pizza. Winnie suggested the number of additional pizzas to order, and while I tried to think of which pizzas to choose, she responded we’ll need 7 pizzas, 3 meat, 4 vegetarian, and handled it. I didn’t have to give it any thought. Leading up to the wedding they handled all the final details in order to ensure things would arrive.

After the wedding, they packed up all the decor, alcohol, gifts, misc. items, and loaded most of it into their cars, which they delivered for us the next day. The excess boxes I needed to pick up took under 10 minutes to load into my car because they organized the clean-up so well. They were incredibly hospitable and dependable, and a calming presence the day of. They went above and beyond our expectations. Everyone should have a Winnie and Breanne at their wedding!”