D & M

“About a year ago, I made a post in a Facebook wedding group in search of a day of coordinator who could also do setup/takedown (as I wanted friends/family to relax as honoured guests, not slave away). Among the many who responded, ThistleBEA Your Wedding’s package seemed most reasonable, not to mention comprehensive.

I met with Breanne, the head planner, for coffee and found her to be personable, organized and professional. She answered my questions thoroughly during our meeting and responded to my follow-up questions in a timely manner. I felt she was reliable and booked her as our DOC. During the month of our wedding, she helped with working out our timeline, got in touch with our vendors so everyone was prepared and found solutions for some things I had issues working out. 

The day before the wedding, she attended the rehearsal at the church and I passed the decor to her. On the day of the wedding, Breanne took care of absolutely everything that needed taking care of. She came prepared with our timeline, copies of our speech and seating chart, kept our reception events on time, helped sort the computer issues at the restaurant for the photo slideshow, helped me with changing my dress for the tea ceremony dress, did a beautiful job on setup and completed a but very thorough takedown in a rather limited timeline, got the kids their activity books and arranged for extra settings for two last-minute guests. 

We were so, so glad to have Breanne there to cover all the bases and highly recommend her services. Breanne, thank you for all your problem solving, professionalism, creative ideas and hard work! Could not have done it without you!”