Sonaiya Wilson

Lead Coordinator and Planner

Hi there! My name is Sonaiya Wilson and I am one of the Lead Coordinators for ThistleBEA. I started working alongside Breanne and Winnie in 2017. I was working in the event rental industry and I met Breanne and Winnie as clients that came into the showroom. They reached out to the company I was working for regarding a sponsorship for a styled shoot, and I helped them obtain the rental items they needed for that shoot, which are some of the photos that still live on their website today. We ended up working together at their DIY Wedding Show, I was working as a vendor, and they hosted the event. This then transitioned into myself becoming a part of the ThistleBEA Team.

Outside of work I enjoy all things creative.  You will always find me listening to music, going to concerts, shows and events. I enjoy acrylic painting, cooking, walking by the beach or forest, and hanging with my dog Ace and my wonderful boyfriend.

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I am a wedding planner because

I have always gravitated towards the event industry. Throughout my entire career, events and parties were a part of it in some way. In my younger years, I used to spend hours planning my birthday parties, with elaborate themes, elements and decor. I started my first job shortly out of high school, working at a local party store in Port Moody. I loved this job, it was so much fun helping customers find the items they needed, I even learned a thing or two about balloon decor. During that time I also started working for a party company franchise doing onsite setup of games, face-painting and balloon twisting. 

At one point I also worked as an intern for a wedding planning company, and later on worked as a client services manager in the rental industry. Today I work as a full time Event Coordinator for a Vancouver based non-profit. In 2022 I graduated from BCIT in their Event Marketing Management program, and I really enjoyed the time I spent in school. My creativity, obsession to detail, and overthinking has benefited my career in events and weddings. I look forward to wedding days, the adrenaline and emotions are what keep me coming back for more.

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What is your best piece of advice in the early planning stages?

Try to enjoy the process. Wedding planning is always sold to the media as super stressful, but it can be enjoyable. You are creating a day to celebrate your love! Think of the things you and your partner love and try to infuse them into that special day. Set deadlines for the most important things you need to book and take care of, that way you feel confident when the date creeps closer.

Venue, caterer, photographer

Sushi and fruit.

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Maté.


Setup and takedown can be a lot to put on your loved ones, I recommend allocating a third party to help out, that way your friends and family can relax and enjoy the day as well!