S & K

Cover photo captured by David An Photography

“I had my dream wedding at Roedde House Museum(West End, Vancouver) in June 2017. Around September last year, I found a perfect vintage wedding dress and my fiance and I decided to go for a Victorian themed wedding.

I was very lucky to have found the Roedde House Museum, it was perfect for my small wedding party (45 people including guests, volunteers, photographers etc). I was introduced to my awesome wedding planner Breanne and we met for the first time shortly after I checked out the venue. I liked her personality right off the bat, she was punctual, organized, and genuine. After we had a discussion about the budget, Breanne offered me realistic advice on what can be done. We worked out an outline and I decided to work with Breanne at the end of our first meeting; I am glad I made a good choice. 

During the planning process, what I really liked about Breanne is 1) her response time was quick and her attitude was consistent. Whenever I email her with a million questions, she always take the time to answer my questions and keep me on the right track. 2) she always keep us in mind when there is any bridal events/sales in town; she also shares DIY ideas and wholesale information with us, so we can save wherever we can. 3) I had trouble finding a good catering company that fit my needs on my own and I was getting frustrated. Breanne was able to find Fiesta catering for me in 3 days after I turned to her for help and we worked out a menu and price that fit my needs and wants. She also took care of all the rentals for me, I didn’t have to do anything and even got a discount on the rentals because of her. Breanne had many years of experience in the catering and rental industries which definitely made her stand out. The food, rental and other services worked out so well on the wedding day. 

The list of Breanne’s strength goes on and our friendship grew. On our big day, Breanne was onsite earlier than scheduled. She brought a lovely volunteer with her and both of them were able to do a lot of the outdoor setup even before our set up team arrived. She took the time to communicate with all the vendors, my bridal parties and help team before the wedding and also on the wedding day. Everyone was clear on expectations and timelines and everything was happening according to schedule. 

Thinking back, I was nervous but amazed by my surroundings, the beautiful decors indoor and outdoor, beautiful people, music and so much more. Without Breanne’s help and support, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy myself as much as I did. My husband and I received lots of good feedback from our parents, guests and volunteers from the museum. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect wedding. When in doubt, ask Breanne. Thank you so much ThistleBEA, you are amazing!”