Personal Florals

Bridal Bouquet


Bridal Bouquet in white

Our Bridal Bouquet epitomizes elegance with its delicate pastel flowers, meticulously hand-tied to perfection. Radiating grace and charm, this bouquet serves as the perfect accessory for any bride, adding a touch of timeless beauty to their special day.

Boutonniere/ Corsage


boutonniere on moss

Elevate your ensemble with our complementary boutonniere or corsage, designed to perfectly complement the delicate pastel hues of our bridal bouquet. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these floral accents add a pop of color and sophistication to any attire, ensuring that every member of your wedding party shines with elegance and style.

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Get more bang for your buck by:

Embrace flexibility in floral selections to maximize value without compromising style. Explore seasonal blooms and alternative varieties for stunning yet budget-friendly options.

Our affordability scale offers a clear snapshot of where each floral arrangement stands in terms of typical wedding costs for arrangements with similar uses. Ranging from budget-friendly options to more luxurious designs, our scale helps you gauge the financial investment required for each arrangement. Whether you’re aiming for an elegant yet economical celebration or indulging in opulent floral extravagance, our scale empowers you to find the perfect balance between beauty and budget for your wedding day.

The indicator on the floral affordability is just south of median

For almost any of these options, your flower choices extend only to those flowers available around the time of your wedding.