Taucha and Daniel

“Having a day-of coordinator was recommended to us, but we weren’t sure it was something we needed. After meeting with Winnie (our soon-to-be-coordinator) and Breanne, though, we realized we could really use one.

Through our interactions leading up and especially on the big day, it was clear we made the right decision. They took every concern we had and made us feel validated while they addressed them. Everyone in our party loved how organized Winnie was, how well she managed the flow of events, and the tact with which she ushered the party and guests if needed. She approached us only when she absolutely needed to – otherwise, she was an invisible and ever-present force guiding our super awesome union and party!

Not only would we recommend a day-of coordinator to anyone who asked – we would very specifically tell our would-be married friends to get some ThistleBEA.”