Melody & Jordan

“Everytime I met with Breanne (initial meeting, details meeting, rehearsal and wedding day), I breathed a sigh of relief and my stress levels instantly decreased. We had the ‘Day in the Life’ package with ThistleBEA and it was honestly a wedding-saver.

Because of ThistleBEA, we were truly able to enjoy our day and not think about our crazy decor set-up and take down at the end of the time. We had a lot of DIY decorations at our wedding and I was stressed at how it would all be carried out. When we walked into our reception hall, everything was just as I imagined it – actually, even better than I imagined it as everyone we loved was there to celebrate with us. Breanne and Deborah did such a great job carrying out every little detail of what I planned for my decorations, did some beautiful improvisations and were just so accommodating, proficient and wonderful. Breanne was also very warm and friendly and thought of little details to make our day more manageable such as offering snacks to the bride and taking Intax photo of us prior to the ceremony. 

We truly enjoyed working with Breanne and Deborah and would recommend ThistleBEA to any DIY couple who want to make their wedding their own, but want to enjoy the day along with the family and friends, stress-free. Thank you so much”