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Part seven of a seven part series of the ins and outs of planning and executing a decor heavy DIY wedding

Heather and David’s wedding at Performance Works on Granville island, as I mentioned, was a special one for me. This bride was a childhood friend who I hadn’t seen in years who trusted me (a newer wedding coordinator in the grand scheme of things) to execute her wedding flawlessly. This amount of trust put into me was overwhelming and I remember finishing the wedding and just being so thankful for the opportunity. After I dropped the Uhaul full of decor off at Heather’s family’s house, I got to hug each of her family members which really, was the best expression of gratitude I could have asked for. 

Beautifully captured by Amy Teixeira Photography

Following the wedding, Heather was kind enough to write me and left this testimony:

Honestly, the greatest decision we made was hiring Breanne. She was so on top of every detail and always available when I needed advice or suggestions. She kept us on track and organized during the planning and on schedule during the day. We had A LOT of decorations for her to put together on the day: we had beautiful driftwood chandeliers, a ton of fabric hanging from the ceiling, intricate table settings etc. She did an AMAZING JOB bringing all of our vision to life. When the rain stopped an hour before the wedding she pulled off a last minute decision to have the ceremony outside. (We were so excited about that, our beautiful ceremony was our favorite part of our wedding). Breanne even made sure we had eaten the appys on our wedding day and always had a drink or water in our hand. Thanks to Breanne and ThistleBea we didn’t have to worry about a thing on our wedding day and we just got to enjoy the amazing day. I highly recommend hiring Breanne as your day of coordinator. She was worth every penny. Thank you so much for making our day as perfect as we hoped it would be.

Guys, I cried. This was everything. From the inception of the wedding to the final result, I put an incredible amount of work into this one event. But that’s the thing about weddings: for a lot of people, it’s viewed as “one event” but to the couple, this event is so much more. This is how they’re starting off their marriage, how they’re continuing their life together, how they’re documenting their love and it’s about being surrounded by the most important people in their lives and celebrating. It’s their love day. And it’s fucking beautiful. 

Beautifully captured by Amy Teixeira Photography

As much as I loved putting this wedding together in the way I did, I also adored writing about it again, 18 months later, to relive the day and all the preparations that went into it. It brought back all those wonderful feelings all over again. And if you’ve read from part one though to this point; thank you for coming on the journey all over with me. If you have a decor heavy DIY wedding you need to execute, let me know! I would be excited to do this all over again, even if we didn’t know each other when we were eight. 

Finally, just an extra shout out to the awesome vendors who helped make this wedding day a roaring success! 

Photography: Amy Teixeria Photography
Florals: Our Little Flower Company
Big Chandelier rental: Art of the Party
Lounge area rental: Cahoots Creative
Chair Rentals: A & B Partytime Rentals

Much love,

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