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From the Archives, February 2016

Everyone in my office knows I’m doing this now. Everyone is supportive; T even thinks that Jim and I will pop the question on the same day. I’m going to aim to ask him as late in the day as I can, just in case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did – we’re often on the same wavelength.

I, of course, have already started with some solid plans for my wedding. I talked about my wedding on our first date and haven’t shut up since, so I’ve had a lot of feedback from him on the subject. I know he doesn’t want to get married on a Wednesday (I was all gung ho for a Wednesday Wedding too!), he doesn’t want to wear superhero t-shirts under his/his groom’s men suits, he doesn’t want lego mini figures in the boutineers. Basically I know what he doesn’t want.

Our wedding is going to be Lego themed – this is something I’ve wanted for at least 5 years, it just seems like the best idea EVER! Lego centrepieces, lego “MR & MRS”, lego bar, where guests can just play! Lego this and that. I actually brought some lego to work and made a lego themed sweetheart table for the show room. I’ve had male customers who loved it and were trying to convince their wives to have a second wedding.

We also want to get married on National Velociraptor Awareness Day. This is because of Jim. Jim loves all things to do with dinosaurs. I don’t know why he didn’t become a Ross (for those of you unfamiliar with the popular show, FRIENDS, Ross is a grown man, obsessed with dinos, and he works for a museum as a paleontologist. In short, he’s a total geek). He’s particularly fond of Velociraptors and when I mentioned that I wanted to get married mid April so I could get married in the rain, he mentioned that he would really like it if it was also National Velociraptor Awareness Day, April 17th.

Though we can’t get married on the 17th if he wants a weekend wedding, we can certainly wait to sign the papers until the 17th, so our anniversary can be dinosaur related. I’ll look into the legalities of this later on. Its also a plus because it’s on our day of the week. Let me explain:
Last year (2015) Jim noticed that our birthdays were on the same day of the week (Friday), as was the anniversary of when he asked me to be his girlfriend, and other significant events, so we decided we had “our” day of the week. We even modified the day we met so it all lined up (our anniversary is not the 6th, it’s the 8th of May). It just so happens that April 17th falls on the same day of the week as May 8th, May 29th, June 19th, and all the other important days. Its fate, if you believe in those kind of things.

We were dancing in the kitchen earlier this evening and I mentioned that I got my hands on a bunch of royal blue runners, like more than 12, and I was going to use them for our wedding. His response was, “Is that going to be enough?”

I have a list of all the guests I feel the need to invite (like 48 or so) and I know half of them won’t be able to make it, and I have a preliminary list of his invites (mostly because you start talking about small details like that and they get all awkward), and it totals no more than 12 guest tables. I’m trying to figure out what monstrosity of a guest list he has piled in his brain, and why don’t I know more than ½ of that list?! I gave him trouble for planning a guest list while he hasn’t even bothered to propose yet. That shut him up.

I’m 28 days away from my special little proposal and I’m finding it hard to keep the secret! I nearly let it slip the other night while we were out for a VERY late dinner. I was talking about the productivity (and nap) of my Saturday and my new projects and I’m like “so much of my personal time is going to be used up with my new volunteer coordinator job and … that other thing I’m planning.” He grilled me for a few moments about what that “other thing” might be, and I assured him that he would learn in March. For now it’s a work secret. 

A very frustrating part of Jim’s job (for me) is that he’s not allowed to talk about little details of the design he does, nor is he allowed to mention anything that hasn’t been publicly released. His game has yet to be announced and he’s not allowed to tell me when the game is being announced, so I’m not even allowed to know if the format is lego or star wars or zombies. I can make educated guesses based on what his studio has produced in the past, but Jim cannot confirm or deny my suspicions until that announcement. I’m going with they’re making a lego Batman game. I’ve rolled with that for about 7 months now and it suits me just fine.

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