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Get to know Sylvie, another amazing local artist

Over the past 4 years (wow! four!) I have had the extreme pleasure to work with some phenomenal vendors and I can’t help but brag about the awesome people that my clients have introduced to me. Every now and then I will be posting about a favourite vendor and a short interview that I’ve done with them. 

Photo Courtesy of Vivian Ng

Next we have Sylvie You who is a hobby florist, or at least she was when we first met. I would definitely qualify her as a pro now! She started offering her flowers around the same time as I started my business (I saw her popping up around the Facebook Buy and Sell pages) and after seeing a few posts from her, I was excited to see more from this woman! That’s when Brenda booked me and told me that she had booked Sylvie for her September wedding and YES I was so excited to get to work with Sylvie!

Since then, she has been my go-to florist recommendation for a majority of my couples! She not only provides such a wonderful finished product, she also is easy to work with, reliable, and falls into the affordable spectrum of things. 

I’m so excited to include her in this series of my favourite vendors!

How long have you been doing what you do? 
About 3 years so far. My flower arrangements are primarily for weddings. Although it is only a sideline, I have always been a big fan of flowers, and have loved floral related art and crafts since I was a child.Why have you chosen this career path? 
It all started because of an accident: A good friend of mine was getting married and her original plan for flowers fell through the day of the wedding. So suddenly, we had no bouquets. Since I was a bridesmaid, she asked me for help, so I had to throw together a bridal bouquet at the last minute. She said I ended up saving her wedding. After that, I discovered I had both the skills and passion to make bouquets for weddings. I then made a post on a wedding Facebook group and offered to help other brides-to-be. It ended up getting a lot of positive responses. That’s how I got started. Since I have a degree and work experience in Animation, along with my personal passion for botany, doing this is like second nature. I really enjoy every opportunity that I get to create floral art, making brides happy and also making friends in the process! 

What has been your favourite wedding memory?
I have been to quite a lot of wedding ceremonies and honestly, I like most of them! I think the ones people show their genuine feelings and sense of humor, the weddings which are comparably small but intimate are the type I like the most.

How has your experience been working with ThistleBEA in the past?
Breanne and Winnie are great! They are very involved and engaged in the work they do, and genuinely care about the couples they work with.

Captured by Luminescence Photography

Tell us a bit about what someone can expect from you in experience when they book?
Most people point out I am very affordable, easy to work with and they see my passion in the work I do. In the final product they receive something either exactly the way they envisioned, or something unique when they decide to give me the freedom to create. I care about both the art and the people. I like to make sure I make something they are happy with, at the same time I am able to help them to save money on the flowers they get.

What kind of people do you love to work with? 
Definitely people who are open-minded, flexible, trusting and chill! I remain good friends with most of people I have worked with. It is a joy to make connections with them through the experience.

How far in advance do you book up?
I generally like to book no more than 5 months ahead. The reason why is because I want to make sure I have that particular day (and the week of for preps) open. Aside from enjoying creating floral arrangements for weddings, I would feel bad if I miss out on important events with family and friends. Some of these events I can not foresee a year ahead. Every wedding is a big commitment. I want to make sure I never bail with anyone after they book me.

Do you have many 2020 dates left in your calendar?
Yes. I only just started to book the first half of the year. And I still have quite a few spots open before June, The second half of year is mostly open/TBD.

If someone wants to get a hold of you, how would they do that? 
To send a message on my Facebook page is probably the best way to contact me. This is also my portfolio site people can take a look at all the works I did in the past:

Captured by Will Purcell Photography

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