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Get to know Megan, the artist behind these beautiful cakes

Over the past 4 years (wow! four!) I have had the extreme pleasure to work with some phenomenal vendors and I can’t help but brag about the awesome people that my clients have introduced to me. Every now and then I will be posting about a favourite vendor and a short interview that I’ve done with them. 

Photo Courtesy of Matthew McTaggert

Mooch Custom Confections is a newer wedding vendor (I was the coordinator for her first wedding in April!) but already we’ve had 2 weddings together by chance, and we have a few more coming up! I love working with Megan; I’ve worked with many many bakers and she checks all the awesomeness boxes of a solid wedding vendor! And let me tell you, there are very few vendors who do! She is very communicative, on top of details, considerate about timing, and just an all around a kind person. And to top it all off, her masterpieces are delicious! Her cakes are moist and flavours are on point. She is steadily becoming my go-to recommendation when it comes to cakes!

Documented by Note Photography

Megan and I have taken a few opportunities to see each other outside of weddings, which I love to do. We got together recently and discussed our partnership opportunities. I can’t wait to bring our collaborations to light and include her more into the ThisleBEA brand. 

Onward to the questions I had for her!

Documented by Fotogratopia Photography

How long have you been doing what you do?
Mooch was started in 2012 while I was at UBC working on my BA. I have had the privilege of working in fine dining, be part of restaurant openings, and being a pastry chef since then, and recently decided to pursue Mooch whole-heartedly. 

Why have you chosen this career path?
I absolutely love being part of couples’ special days. Weddings are such a memorable milestone, it is an honour to be able to share my passion and creativity with the newlyweds and their guests. I was able to create when working for other people, however found that I wasn’t truly satisfied. Being able to meet and get to know my clients on a personal level is something restaurants weren’t able to give me. I feel fortunate to hear each love story and be able to create something personal for them.

Photo Courtesy of Matthew McTaggert
This is from one of my weddings with Michele Mateus Photography!

What has been your favourite wedding memory?
It’s hard to choose just one! I definitely feel like I have met some incredible couples who will be part of both my Mooch, and personal life for years to come. There have been many memorable moments in this past year, I think what always excites me is hearing about how the couple cut their cake. I made a beautiful floral cake for a couple at Shaugnessy Golf & Country Club, who did a Persian knife dance; each guest took the cake knife and danced with it before giving it to the couple to cut their cake. (Note from Breanne here; the Persian knife dance is usually performed by women among the guests and they tease the groom with the knife until he buys it off of them) I love how some couples make cake cutting ceremonies a time for their guests to be part of, while other couples take the moment and have an intimate cake cutting with themselves and their photographer. 

Moment captured by Meghan Hemstra Photography

How has your experience been working with ThistleBEA in the past?
I have only positive things to say about Breanne and her team at ThistleBEA. Breanne was at the very first wedding I ever delivered to and she truly set the standard for what I expect from other coordinations- it’s a very high bar! Breanne is as invested in each couples’ wedding as I am, so I feel like we compliment each other well and have a similar passion for what we bring to the table.

Tell us a bit about what someone can expect from you in experience when they book?

When you book with Mooch, I know this cake is not just a cake. Each cake is made to order from scratch, I am a perfectionist by nature and always have the standards of fine dining in the forefront of my mind. We offer cake tastings if you’d like to get a sneak peek at what you’ll be cutting on your Big Day, with in-person consultations with me- Megan! We want your experience to be stress free, so even if you are wedding planning from abroad, we can coordinate everything via email. I believe in transparency, we never mark up our prices just because you used the “W” word, and you’ll know if other couples are also looking at booking the same date as you. 

Documented by Twinography Studio

What kind of people do you love to work with?
I love working with all sorts of people! Whether you’re super creative and have a vision for your cake, or you’d like to share how you met and let me have free reign with the design, being able to create for you is always an honour. I constantly have sketches of ideas I’d LOVE to bring to life, so please let me know if you’re open to something different! 

How far in advance do you book up?

As we grow, our dates book up farther and farther in advance. It’s safe to say that we generally get inquiries a year in advance. We only take a select number of bookings to ensure each cake is given the attention to detail it deserves. We will never bite off more than we can chew (pun intended). 

Do you have many 2020 dates left in your calendar?

We have quite a few dates open! We get inquiries daily, however the dates are only considered booked once a Save-The-Date Deposit has been received. This year is going to be a popular wedding year, I’d recommend reaching out to us ASAP to avoid disappointment. Certain weekends are already fully booked!

Documented by Meghan Hemstra Photography

If someone wants to get a hold of you, how would they do that?
I can’t wait to hear from you and begin creating your wedding cake! You can reach me at We are on Instagram and Facebook under @moochbymegan. And to read what our clients have to say about Mooch, find us on Wedding Wire!

Made with love,

Megan Sanderson
Owner & Pastry Chef
Mooch Custom Confections Inc.

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