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Dogs are often our first children and how could you not want them at your wedding

Jenn & Alex & Cooper, one awesome happy family! Photo by Hera Studio

For some of us, dogs are the only children we have, because something tells me that taking care of even the most destructive of doggos is easier than most kids. 

Bear HAD to be included in Chelsea & Ryan’s wedding day! Photo by Jessica Luch Photography

They can attend as guests, or they can be given a special job. Bear was Ryan and Chelsea’s ring bearer, because who better than a loyal friend to deliver your wedding rings to you?

Barkley loves her dads, Brent & Patrick, so much! She was thrilled to be a part of their wedding day! Photo thanks to Sachin Khona Photographer

Also, weddings are a great reason to get all dulled up, for everyone! From getting a good trim and shampoo to renting the fanciest tux you can find, everyone looks fantastic in wedding photos and that certainly extends to your dog-children.

Cooper needs to ensure his tie is just as straight as Dads, don’t want to look disheveled in the glamour shots. Thanks Hera Studios for the cute pic

You gotta look fly AF for those wedding portraits, especially if you’re the star! And face it, the dog is the star of ANY photo. 

Barkley is the best doggo; she knew exactly how to walk down the aisle. Thanks Sachin Khona for the photo!

Sometimes venues aren’t flexible with their pet policy (those damn health inspectors, messing with our lives) so other ways you can include your pupper in your wedding day are have them in your engagement photos or bring them by for your first look shots. 

Rita & Amir’s doggo, Benji, was the star of their engagement photos and how could you NOT love it? Action shot by Michele Mateus Photography

Regardless of how you include them, you know on this most special of days, your beloved dog is in your head as you promise your life to another human being because you know you’ve already promised your life to your REAL bff. 

Bear did her job SO well! And she made sure the rings wouldn’t fall off so dad took a few seconds to untie. Thanks Jessica Luch Photography!

So, from having them in your wedding as the best doggo

Adam really shouldn’t’ve been surprised when Alex told him that Cooper was actually the Best Man. This emotional shot from Hera Studios

to flying them all the way from NYC to Vancouver BC so that you can get some loving in before you see your beau,

The most amazing of family photos are ones where there’s an abundance of love evident. And everyone loves their dog. Shot captured by Michele Mateus Photography

to including them in the family portrait that you have all your guests sign, include your dog in your wedding in some special way, because you are their life and let’s face it, they are yours!

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