$50-$65 each

This arrangement embodies modern elegance with its sleek design and vibrant roses showcased in a contemporary vase. Ideal for cocktail tables, this compact arrangement adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Perfect for those seeking a modern aesthetic with clean lines and bold contrasts.

Modern arrangement with white roses

We love flowers; here's what we used

Just white Roses!

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These arrangements are best for:

Cocktail tables or along harvest style tables

  • Rent the vases from us rather than hunting vases down yourself!
  • Use just one type of flower

Our affordability scale offers a clear snapshot of where each floral arrangement stands in terms of typical wedding costs for arrangements with similar uses. Ranging from budget-friendly options to more luxurious designs, our scale helps you gauge the financial investment required for each arrangement. Whether you’re aiming for an elegant yet economical celebration or indulging in opulent floral extravagance, our scale empowers you to find the perfect balance between beauty and budget for your wedding day.

The indicator on the floral affordability is about 2/3s between $$ and $$$

For a modern arrangement like this, we recommend going with simple and beautiful one or two toned flowers that fall in the black-white scale. White anemone are an excellent option for this arrangement.