Jane Liu

Lead Coordinator

Hi! Nice to meet you, I am Jane 🙂 I started at ThistleBEA in 2019 through the introduction from my good friend Winnie. I enjoy creating a space that is filled with joy and happiness for people and what’s better than creating that space for the couple to celebrate the beauty of love? That’s the reason I joined the ThistleBEA team. 

I work full time as a Volunteer and Stewardship Lead for Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders. Outside of work and weddings, I am either volunteering for other non-profits, somewhere in BC visiting new places, or watching true crime documentaries. 

Get to know me a little better

In your experience, what makes a great guest experience at a wedding?

Make sure you have enough staff. Enough wait staff to help the guests and keep the venue tidy + enough bartenders so guests are not waiting too long for drinks.

The Office (American)

Christmas (love the festive decorations and lights display).

Bring a change of outfit or at least comfy shoes, so you can party comfortably to the end of the night (this apply to wedding parties as well if you have one).